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Brief Story of Lauder’s Whisky

Lauder’s Scotch whisky is one of the oldest blended Scotch whiskies in existence, dating back to 1834 and the historic Royal Lochnagar Vaults in Glasgow.

Following the purchase of the Vaults by Archibald Lauder, the bar became known for having a barber shop in the basement where patrons could get a haircut while enjoying their drink. 

The bar's name was later changed to Lauder's, he became famous because of his blending skills. Archibald Lauder also gave his name to a Scotch whisky that would go on to win awards and be exported all over the world.

Perhaps Archibald Lauder was one of the first to conduct consumer research, in that he took feedback on the ‘house whisky' from friends and guests and continued to develop his Lauder's whisky until he was completely satisfied.

Why is it a great choice?

Lauder's Scotch whisky dates back to 1834 and the Royal Lochnagar Vaults in Glasgow, making it one of the world's oldest blended Scotch whiskies.

The question is, what is the experience of drinking the products of this brand like and how does it taste? Let's see what kind of products that this brand can offer to you as a consumer.

Let’s start with Lauder’s Finest, it is the original blend, created in Glasgow in 1834 by Archibald Lauder. This light, fruity, full-bodied Scotch has been in continuous production since 1834, and is matured in bourbon oak casks. Fresh orchard fruits with vanilla notes and a hint of peat on the nose. Sweet, floral, and creamy on the palate, with layers of mellow toffee. When it comes to the finish, it's long and smooth, with hints of caramel.

The next product is Lauder's Queen Mary, which has been aged in Bourbon and Sherry casks and has a perfectly balanced finish. Dried fruits with roasted coffee notes and winter spices are described as the aromas. On the palate, raisins and sultanas mingle with butterscotch hints and a rich sherry oak base.

Lastly, velvet toffee leaves a long luxurious finish with hints of pear and sherry. Lauder's is a low-cost whisky that can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. This can also be used to mix alcohol for cocktails.

Overall, Lauder's blend of mainly simple Grain Alcohol and Re-Fill Casks is good, and it goes well with its attractive packaging. You can see this as a mixing alcohol for cocktails.

Time to chug it up! Lauder's still has a lot of quality and flavorsome products being produced. If you're curious about the other products of the brand, you can purchase them here in our shop and get the opportunity to taste them. Add it to the cart and buy it online now!

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