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Brief Story of Jaloviina Spirit

Jaloviina is a unique Finnish spirit drink that has no direct substitute anywhere in the world. It was introduced on the market in 1932, immediately following the end of the Finnish prohibition era. 

There were four Jaloviina products at first: one, two, and three star editions, as well as the more premium Jaloviina*** Extra.

Jaloviina, the zero star, was also introduced during WWII. Due to ingredient control during the war, the amount of Cognac was reduced to the bare minimum. Jaloviina has an important part in Finland's history and culture, and it appears in a number of novels, broadcasts, and media.

It is popular among a wide range of people, including rock musicians, hunters, and university students. Mountain cognac, student cognac, and, of course, Jallu are some of its affectionate nicknames.

Why is it a great choice?

The Finnish Jaloviina, also known as Brännvin, is a cut brandy with a strong flavor and only a hint of sweetness. The brandy used in "Jallu" is cognac from France. Since prohibition ended in 1932, Altia, a Finnish government-owned company, has been producing Jaloviina.

The question is, what is the experience of drinking the products of this brand like and how does it taste? Let's see what kind of products that this brand can offer to you as a consumer.

Let’s start with Jaloviina Hanki, The name "Hanki" refers to a snowcovered landscape. With peppermint, sweet toffee caramel, traditional tar, and dried dates with a hint of vanilla aromes, Jaloviina Hanki is a refreshing winter breeze. The traditional Jaloviina flavor is present, along with a balancing richness of caramel sweetness. Jaloviina Hanki is a tribute to winter traditions, giving the traditional Jaloviina flavor a fresh start. 

Next is Jaloviina* (one-star), it is a unique Finnish cut brandy drink made from a combination of cognac and clear grain spirit. It is a well-known drink in Finland, particularly in this half-litre glass bottle. This amber-colored drink has a dry, warm and a light cognac taste with a hint of honey. This product is delicious as an ice cold shot, but it also tastes great at room temperature. Try it as an ingredient in a drink, such as hot chocolate!

Overall, Jaloviina can provide you with an amazing alcoholic beverage, a blend of cognac and spirit produced only in Finland.

Time to chug it up! Jaloviina still has a lot of quality and flavorsome products being produced. If you're curious about the other products of the brand, you can purchase them here in our shop and get the opportunity to taste them. Add it to the cart and buy it online now!

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