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Havana Club

Brief Story of Havana Club Rum

In Cardenas, Cuba, the Arechabala family founded Havana Club rum in 1934. Then, on January 1st, 1959, everything changed for them. The corporation was nationalized by the new Cuban government, which took all of its assets without compensation.

After that, the family was forced into expile, leaving behind years of hard work and a legacy. The Cuban government continues to brew rum under the Havana Club name without license to this day, but they were unable to take away the original family formula.

The Arechabalas entrusted the original formula to the Bacardi family in 1994, and the Real Havana Club was resurrected in the United States. This spirit and the family's tale has found a new generation of rum consumers who want to taste the truth about the product.

Why is it a great choice?

White oak barrels were used to age Havana Club rum, giving it color and flavor. This rum's goods are often lighter in style, and its spirits would make an excellent backbone for any rum drink.

The question is, what is the experience of drinking the products of this brand like and how does it taste? Let's see what kind of products that this brand can offer to you as a consumer

Let’s start with Havana Club 7 years old, it has a nice perfect light golden tint and a clear, light amber color. It has an oily introduction, lighter in mouthfeel and style than the Havana Club Selección de Maestros, with a lighter but delightfully oily body. Sweet at first, then a rapid drying and lovely woody notes with layers of spice, followed by a bit of sweetness. Then a lingering semi-dry fade taunting you for more.

Next is Havana Club Selección de Maestros, this edition of Havanna Club has a rich flavor that starts with a punch but quickly gives way to a long-lasting intense taste of wood, lemon, and leather. Consumers will undoubtedly enjoy this rhum with a wonderful supper, and it is the ideal choice to end the evening with a cigar.

Overall, Havana Club's products are excellent mixing rums that are both affordable and of good quality for the price. It worked well in all of the classic rum cocktails, and it delivered a taste of the classic Cuban cocktails, which are leaner, drier, and have more depth when made with this rum rather than some sweetened rum.

Time to chug it up! Havana Club still has a lot of quality and flavorsome products being produced. If you're curious about the other products of the brand, you can purchase them here in our shop and get the opportunity to taste them. Add it to the cart and buy it online now!

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