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Brief Story of Cardhu Distillery

John Cumming, who had previously been a whisky smuggler, founded the distillery in 1824. Due to the peat softening the water, the distillery was built high up on Mannoch Hill, above the River Spey. The distillery began as a farm distillery that operated on a seasonal basis after the harvest.

The distillery's main operator was Helen Cumming, who used to sell bottles of whisky to passers-by through the window of their farmhouse. 

The distillery was rebuilt on new land in 1885, but it remained in the Cumming family's hands, with Elizabeth Cumming, John and Helen's daughter-in-law, running it.

The stills from the old distillery were sold to William Grant, who went on to found Glenfiddich. Cardhu could now produce three times the amount of whisky it could before thanks to the new building and stills. 

Due to the increased production levels, Johnnie Walker and Sons purchased a large portion of Cardhu's output to use in their increasingly popular blend.

In 1893, Elizabeth Cumming sold the distillery to Johnnie Walker and Sons on the condition that the distillery's day-to-day operations be continued by the Cumming family. 

Cardhu distillery continued to operate under these conditions until the outbreak of World War II, when wartime restrictions made it more difficult to use barley for distillation.

The distillery's still-house, mash-house, and tun-room were rebuilt in 1960, and steam coils were installed to heat the stills in 1970, bringing the total number of stills to six. 

To supply the distillery's increased production, spring water from Mannoch Hill was mixed with water from the local Lynne burn.

Why is Cardhu Distillery a great choice?

Cardhu single malt scotch whisky is effortless, elegant, and generous in spirit, flowing like a good conversation. These silky, sweet, mellow characters, derived from the peat-softened waters of the Mannoch Hills, are a must-have for any vivacious host. 

The question is, what is the experience of drinking the products of this brand like and how does it taste? Let's see what kind of products that this brand can offer to you as a consumer.

Let's start with Cardhu 12 years old single malt scotch whisky. This whisky is one of the best selling products of Cardhu. It's a very complex but subtle whisky with a great finish that's well worth a try. It has a striking color, and the aroma is a little spicy on the nose, invading the entire nose with a pear, honey, and nut aroma. You can dilute it with water to bring out new aromas such as malt, oak, and a hint of smoke.

It has a smooth texture and a sweet apple and honey flavor on the palate. The whisky has a lingering smoky and sweet flavor that lingers for a long time. It comes in a brightly colored bottle and is known for its balance and complexity. Some people think it's too strong or intense, and that it's not a traditional flavor. It pairs beautifully with dark chocolate-dipped strawberries. 

Next best selling product of Cardhu is the Cardhu Gold Reserve. This distilled drink is a bit spicy, it has no age statement and it comes from Speyside, in Scotland’s north-east. On the palate, it's sweet and smooth, with notes of apple peel and dark fruit. On the finish, you'll notice orange scratches and a slight dryness. The bottle design is distinctive, as is the high quality and lingering flavor.

Its main weak point is that you might need to add some ice to help the flavors and aromas travel more easily. If you like the subtle smoked flavor and fruity quality of Cardhu with your food, it goes well with the texture of Parma ham, and the sweet taste goes well with fresh figs.

Overall, Cardhu is a refreshing summer beverage. It's delicious on its own, but try it with a block of ice or mizuwari-style served long with a splash of water. 

Time to chug it up! Cardhu Distillery still has a lot of quality and flavorsome products being produced. If you're curious about the other products of the brand, you can purchase them here in our shop and get the opportunity to taste them. Add it to the cart and buy it online now!

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