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Black Velvet

Brief History of Black Velvet Canadian Whisky

Black Velvet Whisky is a Canadian whisky brand owned by Heaven Hill and produced in the Black Velvet Distillery in Lethbridge, Alberta. It has a pleasant flavor and is distinguished by its black labeling.

Schenley Industries in Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada was the first to produce Black Velvet. In World War II, Schenley's Black Velvet DeLuxe was the only liquor available to submarine officers at Midway, where it was derided and dubbed Schenley's Black Death.

"Black Label," name was changed to "Black Velvet" after Master Distiller Jack Napier suggested it in the late 1940s because he thought it had a velvety taste and smoothness. 

Black Velvet makes four different expressions, all of which are primarily sold in the United States: Black Velvet Original, Black Velvet Reserve (aged eight years), Black Velvet Toasted Caramel (introduced in 2012), and Black Velvet Cinnamon Rush (introduced in 2013).

This brand comes in second place in the Canadian Whisky market share behind Crown Royal. Patricia Victoria Miller, the first Black Velvet Lady, was introduced to the world in 1969 as a promotional tool for Black Velvet.

Christie Brinkley, Cybill Shepherd, Kim Alexis, Cheryl Tiegs, Micah Wylde, and Kelly Emberg have all been Black Velvet Ladies since that time.

In addition, the ads feature actors Telly Savalas, Larry Hagman, George Burns, and country singer Tanya Tucker. Tami Donaldson, the current Black Velvet Lady, was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida.

Why is Black Velvet Canadian Whisky a great choice?

Black Velvet Whisky has a nice amber color and a butterscotch-like sweet, soft aroma. The flavor is smooth and subtle, with caramel, tropical coconut, and warm vanilla notes that are unexpected. 

The dark ripe fruit scent is the first thing you notice when you smell it. Cotton candy, hard candy, and marshmallows will soon follow.

A hint of rubber may be noticed, but it quickly fades into fruity notes such as fruit juice, peaches, prune juice, dried dark fruits, and cherry. The rye, as well as dry cereal grain, dustiness, and floral notes, are all prominent in the aroma. As with any respectable whiskey, the Black Velvet keeps a hint of spirit character without being overpowering.

This complements the flavors of grains and wood. So far, we've established that we're discussing a mixer rather than a sipper. After a few minutes, however, you'll notice sublime sawdust notes and a developing woodiness. 

The first taste will leave you with a sweet caramel flavor that, thankfully, will last. This whiskey has a candy-like sweetness to it, with sugary undertones.

Black Velvet Whisky has a lush mouth-feel that is both creamy and oily, which is a pleasant surprise for a whiskey that has been aged for three years. 

The rubber from the nose quickly crosses the palate, allowing the hot, lingering pepper, combined with the hot ginger, to heat the sides of your mouth. Black Velvet is a fruity whiskey without a doubt.

This fruitiness comes in two flavors: cream sherry, overripe fruit, dark sweet fruits, and fruit juice, as well as orange and bitter grapefruit zest. The candy flavors overshadow and throw the balance off, which is something that not everyone will appreciate. 

The finish is fading and medium-short. It's extremely peppery and 'hot.' You'll detect notes of caramel, burnt sugar, ripe black fruit, and a hint of freshly sawn wood, which will fade to a citric zestiness.

Time to chug it up, Black Velvet Canadian Whisky is crafted with perfection, taste the excitement and experience class with every drop. Escape the boredom and get all you want. Add it to the cart and buy it online now!

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