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Black Velvet

Black Velvet Reserve 8y | 40% | 1 l

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The Black Velvet Reserve was aged in handcrafted wood barrels for eight years. The method of mixing is unique to this whiskey. Unlike other distilleries, Black Velvet uses a process called "Blended at Birth." The spirits are usually aged in oak barrels before being combined. In this scenario, the new spirit is created in the still, mixed with existing spirits, and then poured into oak barrels. Canadian whiskies are distinguished by their smoother, softer, and lighter look as compared to Scotch whiskey, for example.

The components, in particular, make a difference. Maize, rye, and a little quantity of malted barley are used to make whiskey in Canada. A smooth grain whiskey serves as the foundation for the blended whisky, while a stronger, more fragrant whisky is primarily responsible for the unique flavors.

The aroma of rye is forcing its way through the toffee, bringing with it a smooth bourbon flavor. The body is of average strength and begins softly and silently. The rye and oak become more prominent without being bitter. There's also a hint of spice and toasted almonds. The finish is fairly short and delicate. Before both die away gently, the rye rises over the oak.

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