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Masi modello delle venezie rosso | 12% | 0,75 l

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Venezie is the region which encompasses three regions; Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Fruili-Venezia Giulia. The climate in this region is influenced by the Alps which the Venezie vineyards are on the sunny side. Growing conditions in the region range from cool at high altitudes to warm near the Adriatic Sea and along the valley of the rivers that flow through it.

Although the culture of the Venezie, like the name, was determined by the ancient Venetian Republic, strong influences can be felt other nations that have come and gone from the area. This resulted is an assortment of domestic and imported grape varieties. This array of vines allows for fine whites and reds ranging from the young and simple to the aged and complex.

Modello is a benchmark for Venetian wines. It is created using selected grapes, in vineyards cultivated with care, in particular on the Stra’ del Milione estate. Fruity and modern, Modello expresses the authentic conviviality and wine tradition of its place of origin with every sip. A wine of excellent structure, with decisive tannins which sit well alongside perfumed notes of red berries and spices.

Bright ruby red with violet reflections on the edges. Fresh bouquet with liquorice aromas on the nose and fruitiness from hints of blackberries and raspberries. Well balanced on the palate fruitiness supported by lively touches of acidity to confer attractive drinkability. The fruit and spices on the nose come through on the palate too.

For every occasion and celebrations to enjoy the night by yourself or with your friends and family, you’ve come to the right place as we only sell quality, excellence, and more! So come and take this opportunity to buy online Masi modello. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, Add it to cart and Order now!

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We can safely pack in one box 12 pcs of this product (normal sized 0,50, 0,70, 1 ja 1,25 litre bottles)

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