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Fanta Exotic | 24x0,33 l

11,90 €
Product packaging size: 4 packing slot(s) We can safely pack in one box 3 pcs of this product (3 x 24x0,33 l or 18x0,33 l can tray)

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Fanta Exotic takes you to tropical places in one go. A sparkling soft drink with fruit juice that gives you an exotic holiday feeling that is wonderfully refreshing. Fanta Exotic is found in several countries. It is relatively common outside of Albania. It mainly exists only as a consumer product, but a fountain drink version is available in select countries.

Fanta Exotic does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s an exotic blend of various fruit flavors, put together to produce an amazingly refreshing soda that we’ve just fallen in love with. Pop the can and you get a lovely aroma, a peachy-red colored drink and a taste that will blow you away.
Ingredients are consisted of carbonated water, sugar, fruit juices from concentrate 4% (orange, passionfruit, peach), vegetable and plant extracts (carrot, safflower), citric acid, natural flavorings, preservative (potassium sorbate), stabiliser (glycerol esters of wood rosins).

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